About me

"Stop waiting for Friday , for someone to fall in love with you , for life . Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now "


My story of giving a 360 degree change to my life too is deeply connected to the above quote.

Yes, I am working in MNC for few years but like a cliché; I too faced extreme stress, repeated inner self limiting negative patterns in life and felt missing out on my inner calling. Some one told me that "Prayers & inner calling have Power" and I am a live example of this.

With the grace of that almighty, I took up meditation as a solution to find the real me and the power of now and it completely changed my life.

Therefore , As a tool to recognize my inner self , over years I studied Meditation, energy Healing, teach around the world and go into deep mastery of human mind& soul.

Thereafter I found out my innate curosity to master the study of human body which lead me to finishing a diploma & practical training in "Naturopathy- the science of holistic care of the body & the mind to the nature's way".

Immediately after , I started sharing these tools & knowledge with family & friends who not only greatly benefited ,but also encouraged me to take up to share both my experience and the tools I developed with the world for initiating the uninitiated and to simplify the holistic revolution for the greater good.

Rang e Zindagi is a result of that.

Fast forward to today , I am working onto sharing these Spritual and holistic health tools to heal & teach many amazing individuals that came along my journey so far & I feel so grateful to be able to help and becoming an instrument of the almighty.

My life is now breathing dreams like air , envisioning it to make it real and putting immense action to make it real.

God bless you all